York street closes for a yr – to permit for flood defences to be constructed


The closure notice on Terry Avenue. Photograph: York Cycle Campaign on Twitter

Terry Avenue has now closed for flood defence work to take place.

The route is closed between Skeldergate Bridge and Clementhorpe, with a diversion signposted. It is expected to be shut for up to a year while the Environment Agency (EA) carries out work on flood defences.

From tomorrow, Wednesday, vehicle access to the Roomzzz hotel and the Rowntree Park caravan site will be from Butcher Terrace, a spokesperson for the EA said.

Staff have been on site near Millennium Bridge to advise people about the diversions.

Terry Avenue has been part-closed because the flood defence scheme includes underground work, which requires the use of large machinery.

A 240 metre-long and six metre-deep semi permeable barrier is being installed to stop flood water soaking through the ground and reducing the effectiveness of the overground flood defences.

‘Inconvenient, but essential’

Terry Avenue, flooded in December 2020

The closure has proved very controversial – with the York Cycle Campaign going so far as to urge people not to cycle over fears that riders face the risk of being in a serious accident in the area.

Ben Hughes, from the EA, said: “We understand that parts of the work could be inconvenient for some people, including walkers and cyclists who use the riverside route, but the York Flood Alleviation Scheme is essential for long-term resilience of the city, which, as we’re all too aware, is prone to flooding.”

The Clementhorpe flood defence scheme is designed to lessen the risk of flooding for 135 homes between Skeldergate Bridge and Rowntree Park.

The plans include building seven flood walls, two flood gates, an embankment, a below-ground barrier and work to raise existing flood defences.

The project is set to cost around £7.7 million and due to be completed by May 2022.

York Cycle Campaign has details of all the diversions for cyclists on its website here.

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